Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Event Chronology

Date Event
1. 22 January 2008 • Approval of Manufacturing License
2. April 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to mainstream media.
3. May 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to Bomba Gebeng.
4. June 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to mainstream media.
5. 20 July 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to chief and senior editors.
6. 21 July 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to East Coast reporters.
7. 21 July 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to Head of Government Departments in Pahang.

8. 22 July 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to Chief Minister and Exco Members.

9. 23 July 2009 • Public briefing on Lynas Project.
10. 29 July 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to All ADUN and MP Pahang.
11. August 2009 • Briefing on Lynas Project to Kuantan Port Staff.
12. February 2010 • Briefing on Lynas Project to MCA Pahang.
13. 10 March 2011 • MP Kuantan, YB Fuziah Salleh had raised the issue.
13. 11 March 2011 • Fukushima nuclear reactor incident.
14. March/April • The local residents objected the Lynas project in Gebeng, Kuantan after the incident.

• Several groups including NGOs have started their campaign with a message "Stop Lynas Save Malaysia".

15. 5 April 2011 • Briefing session with Exco Pahang.

16. 5&6 April 2011 • Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Pahang (PKNP) initiated public dialogue session together with Atomic Energy Licencing Board (AELB), Nuclear Department and Department of Environment (DOE) to explain the facts of Lynas Project. 

• However, it was not well received by the local residents, who continue to demand the Government to stop Lynas project.

17. 11 April 2011 • AELB initiated series of briefing sessions in AELB HQ, KL.

18. 13 April 2011 • A meeting was held on 13 April 2011 chaired by Y. Bhg. Dato’ Tam When Wah, Director General of the Public Complaints Bureau. AELB, DOE and Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) had briefed the meeting on the technical aspects of the Lynas project. 

19. 20 April 2001 • YAB MB Pahang during his winding-up the debates on the motion of thanks on the royal address in the Pahang State Assembly stated that the Ministry of International Trade and Industry was responsible in bringing in Lynas Corporation to construct the rare earth processing plant in the Gebeng industrial park.

20. 22 April 2011 • Media Conference by YB Menteri MITI and YAB MB Pahang.

• Announce the establishment of an Independent Panel of International Experts to review the health and safety aspects of the Lynas Project.

• The Panel to complete its job in a month and to report the findings to the Government.

21. 23 April 2011 • YB Menteri visited Lynas site and found that the plant is 40% completed.

22. 6 May 2011 • IAEA agreed to assemble panel to review, conclude and provide independent expert opinion on compliance with relevant International Safety Standards and Good Practices; and on safety, particularly, radiation safety.

• To preserve impartiality, will not include individuals whose participation may lead to conflict of interests, viz. Malaysian, Chinese or Australian nationals. 

• Tentative Schedule: 
o Selection by 7 May. 
o Review meeting to take place from 29 May - 3 June. 
o Presentation of the main findings and initial recommendations at the close of mission in Malaysia by 3 June. 
o Completion of draft report by 30 June. 
o Publication of the final report – recommended to be open publication.

23. 13 May 2011 • Media statement on the appointment of the Independent Panel of International Experts. The Panel is scheduled to visit Malaysia from 29 May – 3 June 2011.

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